Newborn Feet

Newborn Feet

Saturday, November 6, 2010

9 Years Ago....

9 years ago today I became a surrogate.   I gave birth to a child that was not biologically mine.  A child I carried for someone else.  A child I got to hand over to the parents and watch their entire world change..... I got to be there.  I got to be a part of something HUGE.   I gave birth to a baby boy that weighed 8lbs 11ozs and came after just a very quick 45 minutes of labor & delivery. 
{As you can tell by this bruised face - it was quick!}

I became a surrogate and it changed my life.

Today Harrison Asher turns 9 years old.  He is having a football party with his friends and his younger brother Ethan.   Today 9 years ago two wonderful men became Daddy & Dada.   Today 9 years ago woman who thought she might never have grandchildren got to meet her grandson for the first time.  9 years ago men and women became aunts and uncles.   9 years ago a special little boy was born.

What an incredible thing *I* got to be a part of.  What an incredible blessing to me. 

IP's and surrogates all have different arrangements when they are in the hospital for labor and delivery.   Some share a room but it seems like most IP's get a room down the hall from the surrogate.  I get it, I really do, but for us - it wouldn't have worked.   The first night we got stuck in a standard tiny room.  Not really the best set up.   My IP's actually went home that night and I kept the baby with me.   Apparently they had quite a few friends that thought they were nuts and that I might run off with the baby.... um, no.   There is that whole TRUST thing again.   Besides, I was already doing the single mom thing by that point and *really* didn't want a newborn baby to take care of!   The second night we got a 2 bedroom suite and it was wonderful!   We could close the door if either one of us wanted privacy, but I'm not sure we ever did.   (ok, maybe at night 'cuz I snored so bad.....)   I nursed Harrison the entire time I was in the hospital and the dads made sure to take lots of picture to prove that they hadn't deprived him of getting a little boob action!   ;-)  

My experience was wonderful.  I loved the family and knew that we would be doing a sibling journey sometime in the future, so to me it wasn't the end, it was just another chapter in our lives together.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Junk in that trunk!

Well that is a summary of how I have been feeling and what my family has been saying lately; I have got some junk in my trunk.   And I just cleaned my car out, so that can only mean one thing.   I am putting on some weight and ALL that weight is going to my hips and down.   Seriously.   I am sooo glad it isn't summer time but rather the fall/winter and I get to wear all the clothes I can handle.  
Let's see, it started a few weeks ago when I went away for the night with a bunch of girlfriends.  We got to stay in a hotel with a pool, so I made sure I grabbed my bikini (only suit that can fit) and made sure to shave.  Didn't want to scare anyone.   I did the obligatory pose in front of the mirror and noticed that my hips were really starting to get bigger.   Ok - a bit of a let down right before I take off, but I am going to let it slide.  Didn't end up going to the pool, so even better.  

Fast forward to just last week and my 3 year old and I were getting ready to hop in the shower... she says "Wait mom, you didn't go stand on this thing." as she walks into our closet and steps on the scale.   "Oh no" I think.  This is NOT the body image thing I want to share with my daughter.  Now I am not one of those that obsesses about her weight.  I would rather gauge myself on how I feel and how I look than what the numbers say.  At the same time, I am trying to gain weight during this pregnancy at a healthy pace so I am monitoring it.  Luckily for me when my beautiful 30# little girl went and stepped on the scale she said "see, we have to see how big our feet our getting - how big are mine now?"   Phew!!!  That was close!

Just a day or two later I was walking around naked gathering my clothes (yeah, that is normal in my house - just works for us) and out of my *darling* daughter's mouth comes: "You have a huge butt and mine is tiny."   Oh the temptation to send her flying.... her feet managed to stay on the ground and I calmly smiled and found my clothing as quickly as possible.  She is only just 3 and what comes out of their mouths at that age is just what they see.  Totally innocent and yet so painful to hear.  Ouch.   I told my husband about it that night and we both had a nice little chuckle.   {Why does *he* get the compliments like "Daddy has a big penis" and I get the big butt comments?!??!}   I just need to remember when she is months away from giving birth to her SIXTH child that I tell her that her butt looks huge.   Paybacks.

So just the other night my husband and I (momentary break to say that we just celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary last Friday - October 29th!) are relaxing on the couch watching TV and he starts poking my leg.   Um.... okay.  What are you doing?  Converstaion when something like this:
Me - What are you doing?
Him - (continuing to poke up and down my leg)
Me - Are you just poking my fat or what?!?
Him - I was just wondering if you were retaining water or something?!?
Me - (Deep breathing so HE doesn't go flying across the room) Nope hunni, I told you I was just getting fat.   Same thing happened with Sheridan.  I got bigger from the waist down.  I lost it before and I am pretty sure I'll lose it again, but thank for noticing.  *big smile*   
{BTW - No anniversary sex for you tonight!}

Yeah.... I'm not bitter and really I don't think I look that bad with clothes on (again, good thing it is fall/winter!) so not many people will notice.   When they do say something it will be something along the lines of "Wow - all your weight goes straight to your belly huh?" or "You don't gain anywhere but your belly do you?!?!"  Guess I should be grateful that my belly gets HUGE, it will distract them from my HUGE BUTT!    (love you Sheridan!)

In other news I had an appointment with my midwives today.  I got to meet our backup midwife (who is actually the one that is licensed).  She mainly stayed in the background recording measurements and taking notes, but it was nice to have her there.  Of course I am still a little biased about MY midwife 'cuz she has been there for my last 2 and is the primary care provider for me with this little Intruder.   She did make a comment that for some reason she thinks she might not make it to my birth.  Eek!  Now I have read wonderful birth stories of unassisted births and I am pretty sure I could swing it, but still..... I'd like to have her there.   From where my midwife lives you can see my house - it isn't far at all.  10 minute drive tops!   Then again - that would sure be a story to tell.   Anyway, I was measuring about 30 weeks (I am 27.1) and I got to listen to the baby's heart with the fetoscope and then we let Sheridan listen with a Doppler.  We made sure that the new midwife knew our rule - that we don't want to know heart tones at all.   They can write them down in their notes, but they don't share them with us.  We don't want any guessing on if it is a boy or a girl based on heart-rates.  I did my pee stick and I also had my blood pressure and heart checked - all was good!   My next appointment is scheduled for December 1st and at that point I will be 31 weeks and then I'll start going every 2 weeks.  Once the holidays are here the time is just going to fly by - before you know it the new year will be here and our little Intruder will be making his/her debut soon after!! 
Amazingly wonderful!

Here is a shot I did at 25.2weeks for facebook.  I think it was the first belly shot I had posted.
Until next time - my huge, water-retaining butt and I are outta here!   ;-)