Newborn Feet

Newborn Feet

Saturday, November 6, 2010

9 Years Ago....

9 years ago today I became a surrogate.   I gave birth to a child that was not biologically mine.  A child I carried for someone else.  A child I got to hand over to the parents and watch their entire world change..... I got to be there.  I got to be a part of something HUGE.   I gave birth to a baby boy that weighed 8lbs 11ozs and came after just a very quick 45 minutes of labor & delivery. 
{As you can tell by this bruised face - it was quick!}

I became a surrogate and it changed my life.

Today Harrison Asher turns 9 years old.  He is having a football party with his friends and his younger brother Ethan.   Today 9 years ago two wonderful men became Daddy & Dada.   Today 9 years ago woman who thought she might never have grandchildren got to meet her grandson for the first time.  9 years ago men and women became aunts and uncles.   9 years ago a special little boy was born.

What an incredible thing *I* got to be a part of.  What an incredible blessing to me. 

IP's and surrogates all have different arrangements when they are in the hospital for labor and delivery.   Some share a room but it seems like most IP's get a room down the hall from the surrogate.  I get it, I really do, but for us - it wouldn't have worked.   The first night we got stuck in a standard tiny room.  Not really the best set up.   My IP's actually went home that night and I kept the baby with me.   Apparently they had quite a few friends that thought they were nuts and that I might run off with the baby.... um, no.   There is that whole TRUST thing again.   Besides, I was already doing the single mom thing by that point and *really* didn't want a newborn baby to take care of!   The second night we got a 2 bedroom suite and it was wonderful!   We could close the door if either one of us wanted privacy, but I'm not sure we ever did.   (ok, maybe at night 'cuz I snored so bad.....)   I nursed Harrison the entire time I was in the hospital and the dads made sure to take lots of picture to prove that they hadn't deprived him of getting a little boob action!   ;-)  

My experience was wonderful.  I loved the family and knew that we would be doing a sibling journey sometime in the future, so to me it wasn't the end, it was just another chapter in our lives together.


  1. Happy Birthday to Harrison!

  2. So many years has passed! You’ve made an inestimable step, when you decided to become a surrogate mother. It is good that you do not stop and you continue to give good and joyful things.


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