Newborn Feet

Newborn Feet

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Two months from now.....

I am due two months from now....... how did that even happen?!?  

Last week I hit 30 weeks - 3/4 of the way through.  Only a quarter of this pregnancy left........ I am starting to get sad.  I really wish I could go back in time (with my sanity intact) and start this pregnancy over again.   I feel cheated.   I know it was my own fault and my own hormones, my own sadness etc that made the first 16 weeks really hard on me, but now I want to do it all over again. 

I want to celebrate getting a positive pregnancy test.  I want to have people be excited for me that I am pregnant.  I want to *wonder* with my husband 'are we?'.    But now I am here, so I have to enjoy this time I have left.

I know since it took so long for me to wrap my head and my heart around having a new baby in our house that I *might* have a hard time letting go.... I am kind of anticipating going over my 'guess date' just because I want to be pregnant and love on this baby as much as possible.  Then again, I can't wait to meet him/her!!!

My Guess Date is two months from today.  February 1st.   These last 9 weeks will FLY by, I am sure with the holidays fast approaching.   Our families have lots of birthdays this month including mine on the 10th and our son, Zeyon's the day after Christmas. 

Two weeks ago I went on a 'purge' trip and got rid of unnecessary furniture in my house that I felt was just too much.   We got rid of a couple coffee tables (baby will be learning to walk before you know it!), a train table, a chair, a desk and then we cleaned the WHOLE house.  Felt sooo nice!   My hubby kept rolling his eyes at me when I told him I wanted to get stuff ready for the baby.... we have almost 3 months still!!   "Time will go quicker than you think sweetie......."

So in order for us to prepare for our new little Intruder the only thing we NEEDED was a new car seat.  I am a little anal when it comes to car seat safety (drives the hubby nuts).  We have 2 car seats that we got when Zeyon was on his way and we had *great* timing and passed them down to Sheridan before they expired.  Well......... now we have a new baby on the way and two pretty nice looking seats that are expired.   Time to get a new one.   *Smile*   We have always gotten 2 identical seats - one for each of our rigs.  Makes it easy for the kids (they know which seat is theirs) and easy on us, we know how to work them easily.   This time around we only have ONE rig that will seat our entire family of six.   Yeah - May 9th of this year we got my hubby a 'new' truck  and it seats 5.  Perfect for us until the 28th of May when I found out we were expecting a new baby......... of course.  So this time around we are getting one seat.  I can always use one of the older ones for an emergency backup.   Oh yeah - we always get convertible seats.  I *really* dislike the infant seats.  My initial thoughts are 'pop in, pop out'.  I know they won't pass safety tests if that happened, but still....... My other thoughts are - I want to hold my child.  Sometimes it is a pain, but I make it work.  'You'll wake the baby if you take it out of the car seat'    Yeah, and they go right back to sleep.   (just my personal opinion - doesn't work for everybody!)

So this is how the cost of our new baby breaks down........

Feeding: Boob
Sleeping: Our bed
Toys: Siblings
Clothes: Boxes of boy/girl clothes just waiting to see......

Diapers/wipes - cloth. Spent about $600 six years ago and I have gotten LOTS of use out of them. Awesome since most people spend $2,000+ per kid on disposable diapers!! 
Price of having a new baby: $112.50 for the new car seat. :)
...I am happy!


  1. Priceless...Enjoy and I can't wait to see baby.

  2. By the way....STOP!!! NO more guilt of any kind. You love that baby, Mark loves baby, Kids love baby. It has all happend for a reason, and how it happend was for a reason. Don't start rethinking the begining, enjoy the now and what is coming. Tanya

  3. You're explanation of what you need/don't need for the baby is just great. So simple and stress free.
    And I agree w/ Tanya. "Forgetting what is behind, I press on toward the goal...." And all that jazz. So glad your excited now. No regrets. :)


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