Newborn Feet

Newborn Feet

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

31 week check-up

My apologies for not updating more often....... I have been being harassed that I needed an update, so here ya go - two updates in one day!! 

I had my 31 week check-up today and all is growing well!   We took my blood pressure a couple times (ok, 3 times) 'cuz the numbers seemed awfully close together and low.... but not something that we are too concerned about right now. My glucose was a bit high in my urine so we'll check that again next time.... probably all the cheesecake I have been eating since Thanksgiving!   Ooops.

Baby is pretty much standing on his/her head and today was posterior.  That changes almost daily!   I am measuring 36 weeks - so 5 weeks ahead.  My midwife has a theory about moms with toddlers/small children - she thinks that the body naturally increases the amniotic fluid to create an extra cushion for all those times they jump on your lap, need a snuggle or just bump you the wrong way.  I notice when I am laying down that my belly has gotten 'wider' this time.  Baby seems to be just the right size, it is my belly that is big.   I figure my uterus has stretched out and it is just ready and waiting for the baby to grow into it.  

We had a nice chat and I asked about getting birth supplies ready.  Over the next couple appointment we'll make sure I have the list of things I need to have on hand.  The biggest at this point is food so I can have a really good meal after the birth.   I plan on delivering in my bathtub (although she recommended a birth tub this time around so I had more room) where my last 2 were born.   My bed stays clean and comfy.  My room has supplies 'just in case' but otherwise we have towels, something to cut and clamp the cord after it stops pulsing and .....yeah, not much else.   Oh well, I guess the fishnet panties and pads.....  *smile*  

*Just to clarify - my midwives bring all the important supplies - oxygen, pitocin, sutures etc
in case there would be any type of complication!!**

My next appointment is scheduled for December 22nd (3 weeks away) and then January 5th.  After that we will be getting together every week for the next month until the baby is born.   Wow.   Amazing.

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  1. Sounds like you better be preparing for some major after-pains. Yikes. I hate those!
    I love reading about your pregnancy journey. It's all so precious and joyful. Love it!


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