Newborn Feet

Newborn Feet

Thursday, April 29, 2010


My family received this book in the mail today as a gift from Sophie & Pépe since we just recently acquired a rabbit.  They have a rabbit that they love deeply and the way it worked out we were in the 'we'll think about it' frame of mind when we were introduced to their profile.  Seeing pictures of their rabbit made my children even more excited... about the match and getting a rabbit!

Receiving gifts is always wonderful, especially when they are unexpected.   What means more than anything is that S&P are reaching out and working to create a bond with my family. 

I feel so blessed with our perfect match!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ants in my tummy

A recent conversation between myself and my 2 1/2 year old daughter -

S - Why are you big?
Me - What part of me is big?
S - Your tummy is big.
Me *deep breathing* - I have a big tummy 'cuz I had FIVE babies in my tummy before.  (pointing at my tummy in a circular motion) I had Tilor, Zeyon, you, Harrison & Ethan.  That is a lot of babies.
S - And Ants?
Me - Ants?   *thinking hard*  You mean France?!?!?
S - Yeah.  You have "Ants" in your tummy too?
Me - No.  Not yet.
S - I have 10 babies in my tummy.  One for Tilor and Daddy and Ants and Daddy and You.
Me - Are you going to keep any babies for you?
S - Yep.  The Daddy one and the one for you.
Me - I am glad you are giving a baby to France.  Do you think they will like your baby?
S - Yeah.   Let's go get Coffee now.  {Coffee is the name of our new rabbit - she named her.}

When I was pregnant with my daughter her nickname was 'Tater Tot'.  During one Sunday School class the teacher asked my almost 3 year old what his mommy had in her tummy and he replied - A Tater Tot!
Guess I'll have Ants in my belly this pregnancy.

Save a horse, ride a ....cow?

For the last week Sophie, Pépe and I have been exchanging emails every couple of days.  I have shared with them my 'GREEN' fetish and a few odd 'get to know you' facts.   One of mine was that I have always wanted to ride a cow.   Dumb, I know  -  why not ride a horse?   Well, the simple fact is that everyone rides a horse and I have always been one that goes against the crowd - so I want to ride a cow.   

It just so happens to be that I live in an area that has BY FAR, many more cows than people, yet I haven't ever ridden one.  Yet.   I shared this desire with S&P and Pépe shared with me that while has already ridden a horse (in Ireland), camels (in Marocco) and an elephant (in Thailand) he has not ridden a cow either. 


Looks like we have a way to bond!   Anyone want to invite us to their farm in mid-June so we can attempt to ride your cows?    ....and for those of you that don't know the area - we have cows, lots of them but they are mostly dairy cows which means they aren't very comfy for riding.

They are a bit bony.   Ouch.

Sophie and I have discovered a mutual *love* of cheesecake and Pépe and I both enjoy a good hamburger.  Although with as much as he admits he can eat at Ruby's, he has me beat.  I can see my husband and him eating about the same - which would include a burger, fries, onion rings and of course a YUMMY dessert.  I think I'll put on enough weight with another pregnancy so I should probably take it easy on the over indulgence.    ...the cheesecake though, is a different story!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Not IP's Anymore

I am happy to announce that I have been given permission to share the first names of my intended parents from France and since they don't like the term "Intended Parents", from now on they shall be called:

"Pépe & Sophie"
These are not their real & true names - to protect their privacy I will be calling them this for my blog.  :)
I don't have permission to share pictures at this time but when I do (being optimistic), I will post a picture of the beautiful couple so you have faces to go with the names.  My children have been working very hard to pronounce the names properly, so if you get the opportunity - ask them who we are going to be having a baby for.   :)

We have started our email correspondences and my "legal people" have gotten a hold of us so things are moving right along. 

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Contact Information

We have money in the trust fund to show that the French couple is ready to move forward and I just received contact information!!

 Now we get to start working on building our relationship and getting to know each other better.  Since they are in France with a 9 hour time difference most of our communication will be by email - probably a good thing, that way they can't hear my children screaming in the background!!

We will be working on our legal contracts over the next few weeks - probably a lot of waiting on lawyers.  I am sure they get paid for how long they sit on a contract.  :)   This is a time where I need to make sure that MY butt gets covered.  There are so many 'hypothetical' situations that probably won't happen, but just in case they did - I need to make sure that my family and I are protected.  On one hand I am glad I have a lawyer in my corner watching out for me (and they have theirs) but sometimes I think it would go so much easier if we could just sit down and say: "This is why I changed this line to read this....blah, blah, blah."

I know what I'll be doing at nap time today!!   'Dear IM & IF..............'

I am glad to be moving forward!!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Walking on sunshine

Outside it is starting to rain, but inside I am walking on sunshine!    

Our match was approved!!   The couple has most if not all the money needed already in a trust ready & waiting.  Once the funds are verified then we will be able to share contact information and start our growing/bonding time.

The IP's already have a 3-week trip planned to Oregon in June and if our legal contracts are done by then we might even be able to transfer while they are in the US!!!   What a great blessing to already have a vacation planned and possibly be around for our transfer.   The stars are aligning.    :)

I was able to talk to my husband and work and I told him we got approved and we were moving forward - he responds:  "For what?" his defense after he said - I already figured that we would get matched.   He felt that the phone meeting went smoothly obviously!

We are now in the waiting pattern again, but I feel so calm about everything.  I am confident in this match.    I am confident that everything happens for a reason and the reason my last match feel through was because I was supposed to be here, right now.   *sigh of relief*

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Monday.   Monday is the day.
Monday all sides will need to 'report back' whether we want to move forward with our match.   No doubt in my mind that *we* want to move forward.   The openness of the IP's was so refreshing.   The willingness to have an on going relationship from the start, throughout the duration of the pregnancy and even after is wonderful!  The 'details' legally are perfect.  I actually don't have *any* hesitations with this match at all.    *big grin*  

Mondays are stressful, but I am not stressed at all.   I am actually very comfortable with everything.  :)

....update to follow when I know more. 

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Interview scheduled

We have a phone interview/match meeting scheduled for this Friday at 12 noon our time, 3pm EST and 9pm - France time.  *giddy*

Everything happens for a reason......... and I am keeping the faith that this is the path I am supposed to be on right now.

5 people, 3 time zones, 2 countries and one HUGE decision.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Mt. Hood visit

So hypothetically *if* I was to move forward and match with the French couple I would probably be having a phone meeting to discuss all the 'details' like I did with the Germany couple.  But .....they already have a 3-week trip planned to Mt. Hood this summer!!   Mt. Hood is a few hours away from us, but a heck of a lot closer than France!

Photo provided courtesy of the Portland Development Commission.

What a WONDERFUL opportunity for our families to meet and spend some time together!  I am sure that being an international match that our meetings and get-togethers will be few and far between so we will have to take advantage of the time we get. (without invading their vacation too much)  I am very excited that my entire family would get to meet them, not just Mark and I. 
*happy dance, happy dance*
.... this is all hypothetically of course.     :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Parlez-vous français ?

I got dumped.  After having my match officially pulled today, GG is ready to get me moving!   I have been given a profile of a couple from France to look over.  They actually both speak English so I probably don't have to learn French.   ...unless I go to visit.   ;-)


If I match with them things will move a lot quicker - 
they have embryos on ice - "Totsicles"!

I'll keep you updated!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Is Madonna available?

Here is an edited clip of conversations between myself and my agency rep -

GG Rep - I do want you to know that I have given the IPs a deadline, they have until 5:30 PM EST today to show me that they have wired the funds or we (meaning GG) are going to pull the match. I have already allowed them to go well beyond the program guidelines of funding the expense account in 10 days. We simply must move forward. Please do not stress! If they do not fund today, we will have a great match for you right away.

Me --Thank you. I do appreciate having you in my corner!
...on a lighter note, after filling my husband in on the latest developments his response was "Well if it doesn't work out maybe we can work with Madonna after all!!!"
GG Rep - Thanks Heather!
I like the way your hubby thinks! I already have another couple in mind for you as the deadline draws near for your current IPs, sadly it is not Madonna. Please pass along my apologies to your husband.
He is going to be so disappointed.  In truth I will be too, but for completely different reasons. 

It's dark in here

I feel like I am being kept in the dark about what is going on with the status of my surrogate journey.  I was told at the confirmation of our match that the IP's had 10 days to fund the trust so we could start working on contracts and move forward.  Once the trust is funded we can share contact information so we can start growing our relationship.......... and N.O.T.H.I.N.G. has happened.

I get that things can take longer since they are international.... but a month?!?!

Late Sunday night I sent an email telling my Case Manager I wanted to know what was going on...... apparently they are just as frustrated as I am.   For reasons unknown the IP's have not responded to email or phone messages and have not made an attempt to fund the trust account.  If funds aren't received by the end of the week they are at risk for losing the match.   The agency's call, not mine.

That would suck.   Besides the fact that we would have to start over, I have gotten my hopes up and told my children the IP's names and my son is excited to have a penpal in Germany.  I am emotionally attached already.  :(   I'm praying that things will fall together in the next few days........ if not I'll be looking for a new family to work with.

Rumor has it that a couple months ago that Madonna was looking for a surrogate......... My husband thinks that would be fun to be her surrogate and wants me to put a request in for her.    

Yeah.  Right.