Newborn Feet

Newborn Feet

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My time in France is done....

I am not a surrogate for Sophie & Pepe.   I don't get to be a surrogate for Sophie & Pepe.   They have moved on and (hopefully) have found their perfect match of a surrogate.   I need to move on.

On my phone I have had MY time and Paris time - it made me feel closer to S&P knowing at a glance what time it was where they were.  Just getting off work?   Enjoying breakfast?  Settling down to watch their American TV shows?

I realized I needed to move on.   So, I have finally deleted Paris time off my phone.   Now, it isn't a constant remind of what I didn't get to accomplish with them.  I don't have that twinge of pain every time I call or text someone. 

I haven't  heard from them since there were in Oregon in June.  Pepe said they would let me know when they are holding a baby in their arms.... I don't know if that will happen or not.  I would hope that they would, but then again, I wouldn't blame them at all if I don't ever hear from them again.   I have their email address, but I don't want to intrude.  I don't want to cause them any more hurt.  I am giving them space.

My time in France is done.  au revoir et salut


  1. *hugs* It's hard to let go of what might have been, but you have to in order to hold on to what is. Luv ya!!

  2. So sorry for the disappointment for them and for you. Still looking forward to getting to know your unexpected gift.


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