Newborn Feet

Newborn Feet

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Got Boobs?

Dude.  I got boobs.   And they fricken' hurt!!!!

I know breast tenderness is one of first signs of being pregnant, but with this pregnancy it is just NOW starting (at 15 weeks).   Seriously.   They are finally starting to inflate and look like boobs again and not just flat pancakes rolled up and stuffed into a bra....... I am so excited!!

When I got pregnant with my oldest my boobs growing was the first thing I noticed - although I didn't put it together that I was pregnant.  I was just excited my boobs were finally growing, I had always wanted them just a 'little bit bigger'.  To celebrate my new found fluffy-ness I went out and pierced one of them.  I was 20 years old, living in Vegas and decided *that* was what I was going to do.....    It    H.U.R.T.   A lot.   Looking back now I realize it was because I was pregnant, but who would have thunk it?!?!   :-)

The OB I finally got (once I realized I was pregnant) scared the crap out of me and told me the piercing needed to come out ASAP or blah, blah, blah could happen.   Well of course OB's know *everything* so I removed it almost immediately.   Dang, I really enjoyed having it....

Fast forward a couple years.  I am done breastfeeding, getting ready to do a surrogacy but thing are, as normal, hurry up and wait.   So I figure, you know what - I won't be breastfeeding this baby (...right....), I should go pierce BOTH my nipples this time.   So I did.  I wasn't pregnant and had breastfed my son for 10 months..... those piercings didn't hurt a bit.   I was laying on the table with my legs Indian style and the girl pierce both sides.   AWESOME!!!  I loved them.   They healed quickly, they felt great and of course, they looked wonderful - click if you want to see someone ELSE's up close shot of a nipple ring

....well since I was in a holding pattern for surrogacy I got in big trouble for having a piercing done.   So I inadvertently cause *another* 6 month delay.  They had to wait that long for Hep & HIV testing to be redone.   Just a little rebellious.   As my hormones changed with pregnancy one of the piercings 'looked funny' and the fertility doctor freaked out and removed it - turns out later, he apologized and said he over reacted.  But, I kept the one in through the entire pregnancy 'til I went to nurse that baby in the hospital and realized "...Hmmm, that might be kind of difficult" so I removed the barbell I had in and put it in the little dixie cup they gave me.  Of course a few minutes later I was moved to the recovery room and that little dixie cup got left behind......

Some day I'll pierce again..... I really enjoyed them.   And let me tell you - I have pierced my nose since then and that HURTS!!! It also never healed - so I took that puppy out!   Give me a nipple piercing any day..... just not anytime soon 'cuz my boobs are really sensitive right now.  I think the HCG is finally migrating out of my sickness stage into the 'I get to grow boobs' stage.   Finally!!


  1. You're so funny! When mine started "growing" each time I was like "Not again! How much bigger can they get?!"
    you crack me up. Never have considered a nipple ring. Interesting. :)

  2. Ditto Kei! Happy for you that yours are inflating again! :-)


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