Newborn Feet

Newborn Feet

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

19.1 Week Belly Shots

Okie dokie - I am getting close to half way, I can't believe it!!!    Yesterday my oldest 'baby' started 6th grade and next week my youngest son starts kindergarten........ Wow!!   I guess with each hope, anticipation & celebration of all the new milestones we forget that the days on the calendar keep turning.

I am posting TWO belly shots today - because of the way I carry (down & out) I have been very conscientious about making sure that my stomach muscles are always tight when I am walking around.  I don't want any complications and I *sure* don't need my muscles separating more than they already do.   {...and No, I haven't found my belly bra yet - I think it is time I break down and buy a new one.  Fiddles Sticks.}  So anyway, one shot is of me 'sucking in' and the other is just totally relaxed.  I hope to give you a chance to see what I say when I carry down and out - that I am not exaggerating!

So anyways - there you are.   Still not sure why I started wearing no shirt in the pictures, but I figure I might as well keep doing what I started doing.... kind of like wearing brown pants.  ;-)

Oh yeah, speaking of pants - I had a huge pity party on FB earlier this week.   I was whining about not having clothes that fit, wearing the same clothes that I have been wearing for the last 8 years blah, blah, blah.   Well, part of that is true.  I had worn a shirt that day that I realized I had worn when I went to the hospital to deliver my 2nd surro-son (and he turns 7 next month).  It is just an 'old' shirt.  I also have already had to retire 2 pairs of maternity jeans 'cuz they were too tight.  I did get 2 new shirts and 2 new pairs of jeans for this pregnancy, but I try not to wear the same pair of jeans for more than a week.....   *smile*  So yes, I am limited on my clothes.  Being pregnant 6 times in the last 12 years in totally different climates (sunny, Southern California & Oregon Coast), due dates/seasons different, styles changing, body changing it just gets OLD sometimes.  I was blessed with my pregnancy 4 years ago with my daughter - I got a box of maternity clothes from Liz Lange herself!! (total hook-up from my previous surro family) And no, not her Target line.... her Hollywood line.  Such NICE stuff.  There are a few pieces I wear regularly, but some of the stuff is just *way* too nice to wear where I live.....   Ho-hum.   So, after I put on my hubby's shorts and shirt and whined a little more I did my laundry and was pleased that I had a few more things to wear......  and they were clean.   Maybe next time I'll try that before I whine.  maybe.


  1. I was watching for an update. Thanks. Time flies, wait till after Christams. Than that new bundle will be here in no time.

  2. Great to hear how things are going.

  3. Love it! I love the regular pictures. Pregnancy is such an amazing journey, and over so quickly, that it's nice to have lots of memories.
    And I understand about the clothes. You hate to buy new ones (especially since they are SO expensive), but styles do change and all that.
    Hooray for the halfway point!!!


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