Newborn Feet

Newborn Feet

Monday, September 27, 2010

Baby Poll!

Well I decided to do it again - we are hosting an online baby poll!   Guess gender, birth-date, weight, length and what time our little Intruder will be born.  With us going 'all natural' it makes guessing A LOT of fun!   Sorry, there are no prizes for winning other than the fact that you get bragging rights.  :)

Boy or a Girl?

When will s/he arrive?

Come anticipate with us!   Registration is NOT required but recommended if you think you might need to change your guess or if you want an email from the site letting you know if you won the poll or not.  Otherwise, just join us for a bit of fun.  The more the merrier.    I would also like to challenge the silent blog stalkers (ya know, if you read but never comment or if you only follow privately) to leave a guess and as your name/info you can just add that you are a blog reader - I would LOVE that!   So, what do ya say?  Takes less than a minute and it is a BLAST!!!

Click HERE to vote!
There is also a link on the side of the page -

ETA - pictures are up now.  :)


  1. Hi Heather,

    Off-topic. I recall you have multiple belly belts for support. Which one is your favorite? I just bought Prenatal Cradle and I don't like it. Please post on my blog or email me at

    Thank you!

  2. Hello! I just went over and voted. I have visited your blog once before...quite a while ago. I came back today after seeing your comment on Sunny's blog, and I've been here for the past hour reading about your journey! I got sucked right into it! Lol. So I went to vote. I broke the tie and went with a girl. :)


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