Newborn Feet

Newborn Feet

Monday, February 8, 2010

Heading to LA!

Mark and I get to take off and enjoy a mini-vacation this week.   It has been 6 years since we have spent the night alone.  I don't know what we are going to do when we are able to start a conversation and finish all in one sitting.  Or what about eating our dinner at the same time without having to reheat it?

Oh yeah - we are also going down so we can have our medical screening done.  This will probably consist of blood draws for both Mark and I.  In addition to that probably urine samples and a very thorough pap smear type test.   Most likely I will also be having a sono-hystegram done - the doctors are going to make a water balloon out of my uterus.  :) 

Yeah - fun stuff.  This will enable them to make sure that I have a healthy uterus without any cysts, scar tissue or anything else that might cause pregnancy complications down the line.

After that we have the privilege of finding out just how crazy we really are.   We will be meeting with a psychologist to talk about everything from 'do you really know what you are getting into' to 'tell me about growing up'.   If I remember correctly we get to meet with the psychologist together and then while Mark talks about himself a little more in detail I will get to take the MMPI test.

Somewhere around 500 questions that tells them just how crazy I am.  Obviously they aren't looking for perfection - they know I am crazy enough to get pregnant for someone else .....AGAIN. 

While we are off enjoying our 28 hours from boarding to boarding (did I mention we get 1st class on our flight down to LA?   Yep!)  our children will be running my mother ragged.   Sheridan has *never* been without me - and especially not with out mom & dad.  She just weaned 6 weeks ago and while I know she isn't a little baby, she is still OUR baby.  We are hoping that Nana will keep her busy enough that when nap time and bed time come she will be tired and crash out.  So far Sheridan (along with the boys too!) is really looking forward to Nana being here.    After this trip though - we might not see Nana for awhile.  

So if you think about it - say a little prayer for safe travels for us and sanity for my children and my mother this week.   Thanks!

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