Newborn Feet

Newborn Feet

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Just a little rebellious -

 I had my official psych interview yesterday -

I don't fully understand *why* we are asked the same questions that we answered on the application unless it is to make sure that we are consistent in our answers......... but I did.   We went through what I was expecting to get out of this journey, how many people in my life know about my desire to be a surrogate, do we own our own home, what do my children think, what kind of couple and I looking to work with, what type of relationship am I looking for, is there anything specific I would like to see the family do/not do when they are raising their child, is my husband supportive, am I working, how is my relationship with my last family etc, etc, etc.

My psychologist, Kim has known me for 10 years so we did the standard questions and chatted about life.  When the conversation was coming to an end I said "So the test I took...."   And she said something like - Oh yeah..........

I think I passed the 567 question test (MMPI-2), but apparently there were some 'markers' that they were a little concerned about.   She had to look them up on her computer, but basically she gave me the following words/phrases that showed up on my tests:  lots of energy, rebellious, drives excessively, impulsivity & anxious. 

She kind of chuckled and said that if they didn't already know me they would be a little worried about the rebellious/impulsivity.... but they know that is just part of who I am.    ....and she remembers me being 'grounded' with a 6 month delay during my first surrogacy.    ;-)

I have never been one to (use or) abuse my body with alcohol, drugs or smoking - just never did.  I was always the good little girl.   :)   However if given the opportunity for a little thrill - bungee jumping, getting a tattoo, a new piercing or going on an adventure I would *love* that!   I knew from a very young age that I wanted to be a mom.  I also knew that the eggs that would be my future children were the only eggs I would be given and I needed to take care of them.  If I had decided to try marijuana or something like that - my eggs would have been effected too.  I wanted to keep my body as healthy as possible.   Ok, besides the slight addiction I have to McD's...... 

I don't think being rebellious is a bad thing - I just think I want to be different.  Go against the grain.  I have always prided myself in not being a follower.   Heck, took me YEARS just to watch Forrest Gump just because everyone kept telling me I *had* to watch it.....  

Why should I be like everyone else?   I am happy being ME. 

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