Newborn Feet

Newborn Feet

Monday, May 10, 2010

Fairy Godmother's Day

Yesterday was Mother's Day.   My husband was at work, but my 3 children brought me breakfast in bed - 

Yes, that is peanut butter toast, a tall glass of ice cold skim milk, an apple, a vitamin C pill and my gift served up on a cookie sheet.   So very, very thoughtful!!

Around lunch time I got the phone call that I wait for - the call from my surro family.   My FIRST family, my Boyz!   I know they don't need to call me, I am not their mom, but the fact that they remember to call me always gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.   There are many surrogates that don't have contact after the birth and I am so happy that I am still a part of the entire family!   I was serenaded by Daddy & Da-Da singing "Happy Fairy Godmother's Day!"  I talked to both of the boys and Grandma Harriet too.....   Ahhhh - Grandma.   She has that title because she now has grandchildren.  Because I was a surrogate.   :-)   That is pretty awesome!  

We go into surrogacy and you think "I am going to help someone become parents" but there are so many more people that are effected.   With my first family I helped two men become Dads, but there was also a couple grandmas, a grandpa and many aunts and uncles - some for the first and only time!

Here is a picture of my Boyz from last June taken during my visit.
Harrison (7), Scott, Ethan (5), and Gary

Thank you for allowing me to have the title of Fairy Godmother and thank you for still including me in your life and your family!   Love you all!!   XOXOX

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