Newborn Feet

Newborn Feet

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I am no longer hiding.  

I am coming out.   

I have decided to share my blog with Sophie & Pépe.  I figure since I have been talking about them and sharing about them I would give them the opportunity to at least read what I have been writing.

I have two thoughts to this - One is that if I kept it private I could continue sharing and not worry about sharing my true feelings and possibly hurting theirs.  Two is that I don't really think I have anything to worry about and I would love for them to be able to follow along with how I am doing and how I am feeling.  They will also have a great tool to share with their family & friends how *I* am doing.   The "crazy woman" on the other side of the world that is planning on carrying their baby.   I hope this will allow their family and friends to see me as a real person - one that cares about what I am doing and is thrilled to be able to help S&P become parents!

So please help me give a warm welcome my wonderful partners in crime - Sophie & Pépe!!!


  1. Wonderful! My German IPs have really enjoyed my blog because they can access it at anytime and see what's going on "on the other side of the world". :-)

  2. How great is it that they can come on here and read! :) I think it's important that they know your ups and downs and ins and outs when it comes to surrogacy. :)

  3. Hello!!!! SHe is amazing. Enjoy


  4. Welcome. Heather is wonderful. Enjoy your journey (and Tillamook when you come visit!) :)


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