Newborn Feet

Newborn Feet

Monday, May 17, 2010

Ant's moving to July

Today was a very important day.  Sophie called me from France just to talk.  The one and only time that we have spoken on the phone was during our match meeting.   We have been emailing back and forth almost daily but it is so nice just to hear someone's voice.  Way back when I used to work for the airlines and we taught all the new hires to let the customer 'hear you smile'.  She still had her nervous little giggle that my husband just thinks is so stinkin' cute.   I am sure you could tell that we were both grinning ear to ear.

We talked about normal every day stuff.  How boring.  Yet how incredibly wonderful!!!  She shared.  We laughed.  I explained.  We planned.  We have such an incredible journey coming up and we are both so grateful to be on the same page with all the *important* things.

Sophie reiterated that they are totally fine with everything we talked about during our contract negotiations - even if there are other people that have issues with it.   :)   She also said how much her and Pépe thinks that a homebirth would be the best thing for me in our situation.  So much less stress for me, so much calmer for the baby etc.  The whole conversation made me smile.

...well almost all of it.   S&P have decided that they don't want to do the transfer while they are here on vacation.  I get it - I totally understand.  They want to relax and enjoy their vacation instead of rushing off to LA for a whirlwind trip to get pregnant.   Rather they would like to spend time just hanging out with my family.  No need plan sight-seeing trips or anything like that.   They will be renting a beach front cabin about 10 minutes from my house for a few nights during their trip.  That will give us a wonderful opportunity to let the kids run and play at the beach while we just enjoy our time and grow our relationship.   I actually am very glad that they want to meet my family and spend time with us.  I didn't expect anything less, just wasn't sure when we would fit it all in.  Now we know.
For months now I have been collecting fun, green stuff to have for our transfer.   So now I'll just have to put together their care package ahead of time so they can have it when they go home to France.

I also thought it would be fun to watch a few older movies filmed in Oregon while we were hanging out on bedrest -

*Free Willy
*Kindergarten Cop
*Short Circuit
*Point Break
*Stand by Me
*The Hunted
*and many, many more!

So I am a little bummed out that they won't get to be with me since it looks like we will be transferring in July now.  I was just looking forward to it........  In July we celebrate the 4th of July - our Independence Day.  Kind of appropriate that France gave the gift of the Statue of Liberty to the United States - I'll return the favor and give a Little Roo back to France.

S&P and I have agreed that if they can't make it to a transfer that I will be able to take a travel companion with me, so at least I won't be hanging out for 2 days at a hotel with NOTHING to do.    ....maybe I'll look into those movies after all!

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  1. Great update once again. It will all be wonderful. Sorry it isn't going to be a party in LA, But I bet this will be just fine. Getting to know them.


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