Newborn Feet

Newborn Feet

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Two Weeks

Ok, so the picture looks a little scary but we only have TWO WEEKS until Sophie & Pépe arrive in Oregon!!  I am getting really excited while they are running around trying to finish last minute things at work and getting their house ready for the exchange.  I can't even imagine letting someone come stay in my house without me being there, but really, what a great idea!   The cost of lodging can be so expensive and if you have access to a  kitchen you don't have to eat out all the time - I think it is a great set up!  Oh yes, and they are getting excited too!

Our contracts still aren't signed, but that really isn't our fault - just waiting on the lawyers to move a number or a word here and there and then we will be signing.   Woo-Hoo!!  That will be a nice step to be done with!  Lawyers just give me the Heebie-jeebies!  Unless of course they are my friends.   :) 

The lovely little Witch should be arriving in the next couple days and I am hoping soon there after we will get a tentative calendar with transfer dates on it.  That also means meds will be arriving - it's kind of like getting presents at Christmas!

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