Newborn Feet

Newborn Feet

Friday, May 14, 2010

Ruffling feathers

Well, in not so many words it appears as if I am ruffling a few feathers.

I get the feeling that I am being viewed as high maintenance or a trouble maker.   Which, I have been called more than once in my life....
Without going into too many details with Sophie, Pépe & I requesting an out of hospital birth is causing problems.  My agency doesn't allow them.  They don't allow them because insurance doesn't allow them.  But *if* I selected the right provider I could have her cover my birth and as long as there wasn't any 'facility fee' it wouldn't be a problem. *midwives don't charge me to use my own house. ;-)*  Since it is a request of the parents my case manager is now taking all of my documented emails between the parents and I to the executive board.   

We have also been working on contracts........  When S&P decided to add in a few special requests they gave me a heads up and it was very much appreciated.   When I had modifications I extended the same courtesy.  I was asking for a few things to have a higher fee (most were hypothetical, but I felt strongly enough to ask for more) and still others I was waiving fees on.  Give a little, get a little.   It is negotiations, right?  Well apparently by me talking directly to the parents I can get in trouble.   I obviously ruffled my lawyers feathers today 'cuz around 5pm I got an email saying that I could "affects someone’s ability to say they are signing a contract 100% voluntarily".  Mine or theirs.  I need to stay at arms distance to avoid that possible problem.   Ok fine.   No one ever told me that before....  Here I thought it was a good thing if we could come to an agreement on issues.  Apparently the lawyers feel they aren't doing their job or something - I dunno.  So right now my lawyer is waiting to hear back from the agency as to whether or not I am 'allowed' to modify my contract.  Isn't that what I have a lawyer for, to protect me and my interests?

I am also waiting to hear back from insurance regarding a few 'what if' situations.  They will also be talking to my agency.   Ahhh........ they are going to be so glad to get rid of me when this journey is done.    Did they forget that the pysch eval said I was a bit rebellious?

Wish I could just call the Agency owner directly and talk to her.   

Maybe I will.


  1. I love it!!! Who ever said we had no say??? Well I guess we do have say in what happens to our bodies and our birthing style!!! Keep on fighting girlie!!!

  2. You know, it might seem like "ruffling feathers" but I'm glad you're getting all of this ironed out BEFORE the fact rather than dealing with a mess after, right? Isn't that best for everyone involved? I can't blame you for trying to work it all out. Keep at it!! :)

  3. Seems like as long as both parties agree there shouldn't be a problem...but...lawyers and agencies like to make things complicated. I hope it works out

  4. They aren't at all there to protect your interests or protect you. They are only there to cover everyone's asses legally, stating that you "know what you are signing." If you actually wanted to fight/litigate anything, you have to pay for your OWN lawyer.

    Talking to her won't make a difference, trust me. She's nothing more than a figurehead now. So friggen sad.


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