Newborn Feet

Newborn Feet

Saturday, January 8, 2011

2, 4, 6, 8 - 32

Nope, not the secret to my safe or my locker - something much better!

Two is the number of children that I got to help bless another family with.

The number of kids that will soon be running wild in my house!!

The number of children that (very soon) I have given birth to.

The number of children that I have carried in my womb for some amount of time.  I carried one little one to 12 weeks along with his/her brother before a reduction was performed and another little one I lost between 5 and 7 weeks.   Eight beautiful children I have carried and loved..... pretty awesome!!

That is how much weight I have gained so far this pregnancy.   Yeah, not nearly as special as my other numbers, but significant nonetheless.   My husband and I ended up watching some smut celebrity weight loss show the other day and they featured one of the previous playboy bunnies and talked about her gaining 65lbs with her first pregnancy.... so my hubby asks the *wonderful* question:   "So have much have you gained?"
With the first 3 kiddos I gained 29, 30 and 31 pounds.   With my youngest son I gained 40 and with my daughter I gained nearly 50.  If you recall not to long again I was getting down about all the junk in my trunk I have been carrying around this pregnancy.... but really, with less than 4 weeks to go I don't think I am doing so bad!  I hit a plateau at 25lbs which I thought was great - and then Thanksgiving came, my birthday came and who knows how many Christmas parties there were!   So, I added on a few pounds then too.   If you remember I don't obsess about my weight, but I do monitor it.  I have read about some people just stressing out about it - really?   You are GROWING A CHILD!!!   

In other news my 36 week check up was great!!  My belly measured about 39 and my iron level was still above 11!!  Woot!!!  I checked myself before the appointment and really don't see where I have dilated at all, which is fine by me.  We worked on some more paperwork and talked about a few 'what if' situations.   Baby weight guess was 6.5 - 7lbs, which is maybe *just* over the average of 6lbs.   Then again - none of my kids are 'average', so it was perfect!   Every Wednesday I'll be having my check ups.   Last night I decided to try out the Contraction Monitor (not the real name) app on my iPod - very cool!  I was able to email my contraction history for an hour (that is how long I monitored it for) to one of my midwives who deemed it 'good pre-labor'!

Although I love Christmas, I am ready for it to be done and out of my house - so tomorrow hopefully the rest of the stuff will be taken down including the tree!  My 'to do' list for baby is getting longer and longer and getting the tree out and my living room cleaned up is at the top of my list.   Well, that and the 9 loads of laundry sitting on my couch to be folded..... Ugh.   I did manage to work on our upstairs (which is just our bedroom and bathroom) the other day.   Got out the birth supplies that I have left from the last time and just tonight I ordered a few other necessities to have on hand.  Since I'll be spending the first week upstairs I want it looking half way decent - since I can't leave all the visitors will probably be coming up.  I got stuff put away, now it just needs a good cleaning.   Maybe after all the laundry is done......


  1. The work never ends, does it? I always found it ironic that even more work is needed done by the pregnant mother who is running out of energy and ability to do things.
    Love this post. Can't wait to see your little baby!

  2. WOnderful update!!! tanya


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