Newborn Feet

Newborn Feet

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A little size comparison - just for fun!

So I have been saying for some time that I feel smaller this time around.   At my appointment last Wednesday I told my midwife I was curious as to how I was measuring compared to the last two - today she called and gave me a few numbers.
 Here they are: 

Zeyon - 10lbs, 4ozs born on his due date
At 36 weeks my fundal height was 37
At 39.2 weeks my fundal height was 43 - a gain of 6 in 3 weeks!
Total weight gain - 40 lbs

Sheridan - 9lbs, 2ozs born 7 hours past her due date
At 36 weeks my fundal height was 40
At 39.2 weeks my fundal height was 42 - a gain of 2 in 3 weeks!
Total weight gain - 50 lbs

At my appointment last week (36.1 weeks) my fundal height was 39 and my weight gain this far has been 32.   Very interesting.  I am amazed at how closely I am following the last 2 pregnancies.   Even though I feel smaller I am actually measuring bigger than Z and smaller than S.   Obviously the last 3 weeks can make a difference!  I think I still have to go with my gut and say this baby might be smaller, but *really* - I have no reason to say that.  I must just be getting used to packing kids around!!  

I will be closing our baby poll this weekend, so if you want to make a guess and you haven't yet - NOW is the time!!!     Here is the link one last time -   (You can also find a direct link on the side of the blog - big orange box!

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  1. Big babies!!! Yeah, my first was 10 lbs 3 oz, so I know how you feel. They do say that babies get bigger as you have them, so you never know!! Chunky babies are the best =)


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