Newborn Feet

Newborn Feet

Saturday, January 8, 2011

DeLurking -

Oh yeah, and apprently this week you are supposed to 'delurk'.... not sure why, but it sounds like a good way to start off the new year to me!  

You don't have to delurk permanently, but if you are brave - drop a message or a question or comment.   *smile*    Have a wonderful year - I am sure it is going to be one of great adventure!!


  1. Not sure exactly what "delurking" is, but if it's in reference to commenting, ....
    HI! :)

  2. So doesn't look like anyone stopped to say Hello.Tanya

  3. You know I'm not a lurker, but I thought I would say hi anyway. Just so you know I was here. :)

    Kei I'm pretty sure a Lurker is someone who reads your blog without you knowing and without commenting who you may or may not know.
    Heather, is that right?

  4. Jac, you are correct. They read and follow along lurking in the background. Might gave found the blog by accident or someone told them to stop by. Either way - it is just fun to know who is reading and how they might have found my blog.


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