Newborn Feet

Newborn Feet

Monday, March 15, 2010

A few Lucky Charms

Good Luck  - whether you consider it chance, accident, superstition or faith, luck has widespread global appeal and good luck charms are represented by human, animal, botanical and inanimate objects.

While tackling infertility people often use good luck charms to help further their chances of conceiving a child.  Truly it might not help, it can't hurt to try.  During my first two journeys we wore yellow which is one of two colors that are supposed to be considered the color of fertility and therefore good luck.

I want to share some things that are considered Lucky Charms not only in the US, but also in other countries......         

Rabbit Foot
Red Bats
Chimney Sweepers
Saint Christopher
Dream Catchers
Red Chinese Lanterns
Pot of Gold
Nautilus Star
The Number 7
Four Leaf Clover
A Wishing Well
Stray Eyelash
Falling Star

For my upcoming pregnancy (transfer date still undecided at this point) I have decided I am going to go all out with GREEN!   I have been shopping some great St. Patrick's Day sales and I am stocking up.   I have decided that I want to wear something green from the time I go in for my transfer until I get a positive (or negative) BETA or pregnancy test.  That is about 2 weeks.   Yeah.... quite a while.  Luckily I have a washer and dryer. 

My mom was able to go to Target before I could so she picked me up a bunch of socks including 8 that say 'got lucky' on them.  Oh yeah, I am gonna have fun with this.  *hee-hee*  I have also picked up a couple shirts - at least one that says 'got lucky' on it.  I have purchased green nail polish for those times when I really can't wear anything green...... I also purchased flip-flops with clovers on them, a deck of cards with clovers, a light up ring that is in the shape of a clover, a pair of PJ's pants with Elmo, rainbows, clovers and 'tickle for luck' printed on them and just the other day while out for my husband's birthday a green cowboy hat.  Oh yea!  Not just any cowboy hat, it has a built in tiara - (being that I am a fairy godmother and all) and the tiara lights UP!  How cool is that?!?!  Imagine the looks when I go into our hospital room wearing a hospital gown, green striped knee high socks, a 'Got Lucky' shirt and a light up cowboy hat on!!!  LOL!   Oh..... yeah, the doctor is gonna love me!   The lights will probably be a little distracting while he is doing his very detailed work of getting the embryo's into their comfy home called my uterus, but I'll still wear it, I'll just make sure the lights are turned off!   

....on the other hand, I wonder what the Intended Parents will think of me.  Actually, Zeyon and I made green and white beaded necklaces for myself, the IM, the IF and the future big brother to wear at the transfer.  I will make sure the the IM has a pair of 'got lucky' socks that match mine and I also bought green and yellow earrings for us both to wear.   Should be fun!

I was also advised I should have pineapple before the transfer and McDonald's french fries after.... the pineapple has some vitamin in it, but I think the fries just taste good.   ;-)

I know IVF is science, with God overseeing all aspects, but I am going to do all that I can to make sure that we have a successful pregnancy, and well, that starts with 'getting lucky'!  I think I am doing 'stocking up' on green, but if you see something that is a 'must have'.... let me know!  Although, as another surrogate so nicely pointed out - the horseshoe around my uterus would be a little cumbersome!

The process of getting pregnant with a surrogate is such an emotionally trying experience, I just want to make it as enjoyable as possible.  Even if that means being a little silly and having some fun.   That is just the kind of girl I am.


  1. woot! woot! A little shout out about me in your blog :) LOL

    Good luck! Green is a great color and I'm not just saying that because my name is Kelly! ;)

  2. I would have linked you but I could not for the life of me find that post.... Oh well. Kudos to you though! And I had my 'lucky charms' picture saved and then I saw it on your page. LOL! Great minds think alike.... and so do ours!


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