Newborn Feet

Newborn Feet

Friday, March 26, 2010


I have tried to be optimistic that I would already be pregnant during the summer.  Now it looks like the earliest we could try to get pregnant would be summer, and that is just *my* guess if everything goes smoothly during the contact/legal stage.

I like wearing bikini's during the summer.  I know I shouldn't, especially since I have given birth 5 times, but I like to.   I bought a few new suits in anticipation of being pregnant this summer....   It would make me feel better if my belly full of sergeant stripes at least held onto someone's little miracle.  The way it is looking I will be sporting the stripes but no baby.  Now I'll just look fluffy.   :(  Dang it!

The trust has to be fully funded before we can start our legal contact and I can start any meds at *least* until our contract is going (technically I should wait until ALL contracts are done!!).  Since AF is due to arrive early next week again it looks like I won't be able to start any type of meds - until May.  That seems soooo far away.  The only meds I would start would be BCP - birth control pills - so that we can regulate my cycle better so it is easier to sync up with the cycle of the ED.  I am not looking to do anything crazy, just BCP.   But nope...... gotta wait.

Apparently it is more difficult to wire money overseas and that is what is taking so long. What?   I thought people wired money to off-shore accounts all time, how is this any different?!?!   :)  Just kidding!!

So, if you see someone looking 'kinda pregnant' with a bikini on, just know that she is probably just waiting and hoping for that little miracle.

Now that I think about it, if I actually do get pregnant this summer I will probably look like a junkie with all the needle marks in my butt from all the hormone injections........... GREAT!!!

Not my butt, but the bruising looks very familiar!!


  1. LOL. Sorry it is taking longer than you want. But know that the timing will be perfect in the end. Tanya

  2. You and I can wait together. It's SO HARD!!! It'd be nice to have someone to wait with me, even if we are waiting for different things. Well... actually not *that* different.

  3. I was going to say, "wow, nice ass Heather" :) LOL

    I know, with surrogacy there is so much hurry up and wait that goes on.


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