Newborn Feet

Newborn Feet

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Friday at 4pm EST my telephone will be ringing.
My stomach will be in knots.

Although I have never been on a blind date, I image this is what it would feel like.
My life for the next year could be revolving around this phone call.   The words that will be said, the thoughts that will be verbalized, the emotions that will be shared and the details that will be discussed.

My life could forever be changed from this phone call.

Mark and I will be having a conference call between:  Us, the Mother, the Father and at least one representative from Growing Generations.

This phone call is a critical step in deciding whether or not we move forward.  At the end of the conversations we will each let the agency know how we think the conversation went and if we want to proceed working together.

It could be the end.
It could be the beautiful beginning.

The phone match meeting should last approximately one hour.  During that hour we will have some very important things to talk about. Somethings can be negotiated, some of them could be deal breakers.  For example -

Medical/ethical issues:
• Number embryos
• Number cycles and/or timeframe
• Selective reduction (number, circumstances)
• Termination (circumstances, adoption option)
• Choice of provider
• Travel restrictions
• Genetic testing
• Life support
• Celibacy
• Lifestyle restrictions (diet, medications, weight)
• Privacy concerns at delivery/appointments
• Breastfeeding/pumping

Personal issues:
• Contact during pregnancy
• Contact after pregnancy
• Confidentiality
• Contingency if parents divorce/die

We have a general idea on where the Intended Parents stand based on the initial paperwork we received on them.  They know my thoughts as well based on the profile they got on me.  On paper we don't agree on everything.  There are things that need to be talked out.   I am optimistic that we can come to an agreement that everyone will be comfortable with.  Legally it will all be worked out in our contracts, but we don't want to wait that long to find out if we aren't compatible.

With my first family we had a face to face meeting and then after we went and had lunch and got to know each other even better.  I remember very clearly that we went to the Farmers Market by the office of Growing Generations in Hollywood.... Tilor wasn't even a year old and I remember him laying him down in the grass changing his diaper.   *LOL*  Apparently you just don't DO that in LA!   But, that was me.  I was a mom that did what needed to be done.   When you hear the story from the family - it is even funnier!

It will be a little more challenging trying to 'get to you know you' over the phone, but I am sure we can make it work.   So tomorrow at 1pm my time - say a little prayer for things to go well!

Time for the Happy Dance!


  1. ** Time has been changed to 12noon MY time! **

  2. Yeah, I'm so excited for you and nervous too. Just try to remember that everything happens for a reason and it will all end up working out. I have my fingers crossed and I will say a little prayer for ya.

  3. My first phone meeting was at 12noon too. Its 9pm there. All my IPs wanted was to hear my voice. I think they felt like hearing me helped ensure that I wasn't a crazy person. LOL. What was that psych test for? :-) They didn't really have any questions for me, and I didn't have any for them, because our profile questionaires were so thorough.


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