Newborn Feet

Newborn Feet

Monday, March 1, 2010

TAG You're it!

TAG - You're it!  At least that is what I keep hoping for.   My case manager and the IM seem to be playing phone tag.  Playing phone tag is hard enough, then you throw in a 9 hour time difference (at least in my case) and playing tag gets just a little more difficult.    

At this point we are waiting for a match meeting.  As I said earlier it will either be telephone interview or we might be asked to fly to New York.  I don't mind either way, just as long as the important questions are asked and we are able to feel like we 'click'.   It is a HUGE thing on the IP's side to trust someone to carry their child.  On my side it is a huge thing to know that the terms that are talked about in the beginning will be followed through as the journey and pregnancy continue.  You want to feel connected.  You need to have trust. 

One of my 'biggies' is that fact that I would like to have contact after the birth.  I have read so many stories/accounts of Intended Parents promising the moon to their surrogate and then dropping them as soon as they walk out of the hospital.... my last family was so, so wonderful to me!  They promised me the moon and brought a bunch of stars with it.   I am blessed to still be part of their family and I proudly hold the title of 'Fairy Godmother'.  They gave me a tiara to prove it!  :)  

CFP said they could start me on BCP's with my cycle coming up if all three parties (SM, IP's and ED) had contracts signed or were close....... but we aren't.   At this point the earliest I could get pregnant would be May.  Guess I won't be huge pregnant this summer, I'll just be 'fluffy'. 

In the mean time I am stocking up on all things lucky.   I have been scouting out green everything!   Next time I get a chance to go to Target I am stocking up on St. Patty's day socks!  I even bought a bottle of green nail polish the other day and a green shirt off the clearance rack.  If only I could find some cute green shoes like this:  GREEN.   All in due time, all in due time......   

*Doesn't mean it isn't driving me crazy though!!*


  1. Hoping things will workout soon for ya. Its always hard to play the waiting game though. Hang in there.

  2. Hope you get matched with a great family.

  3. They are probably just as anxious about finding someone to match as well; can you imagine the horror stories they've probably heard. Atleast your previous family can verify how wonderful you are to work with...if asked.


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