Newborn Feet

Newborn Feet

Monday, June 7, 2010

Being Stubborn

So now probably isn't the time to tell you I'm stubborn, but I am.  

I am decided to keep my blog going....... I have gone back and forth if I should just delete it since I hasn't served the purpose I had hoped - letting you follow my journey to become a surrogate again.

However, life happens, and I guess when it comes down to it, that is what I am blogging about.

I got pregnant.  I am pregnant.   I am pregnant!!!! 

I have shed my tears and I have mourned for the journey I don't get to complete and the baby I don't get to deliver for S&P.  I can't change anything from the past - I am moving forward.  I am going to start celebrating!

Today I had my first midwife appointment and in less than an hour I will go to my one and only ultrasound appointment.  I am just going to get the dates so we have a more accurate due date.  My last 2 children were born *just fine* without an ultrasound and really I don't NEED one now, but it is a want.   I want to know my due date.   Not that it is written in stone, but all of my children have been born within 7 hours of their due date.  I am just curious.   ...and I am stubborn.

Tonight I will make my 'official' announcement that we are expecting.  My blog followers have been very supportive and it has helped me sooo much.  I know I need to stop mourning and I am  hoping that I will make today that turning point.  I am going to celebrate the upcoming birth of our child!

I am pregnant!!!


  1. Yeah I am so excited for you!!!! I was worried you would stop your blog, I am so glad you are going to contiue. I've really enjoyed the journey so far, I can't wait to see where it takes us to now. Hope everything is going well! No use in dwelling on the past you have a beautiful future ahead of you! See you at the zoon!

  2. YAY, so glad you are able to get to this point and enjoy what you HAVE created. :)


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