Newborn Feet

Newborn Feet

Friday, June 11, 2010

Started Praying

So three nights ago I finally started praying - praying for the baby.   Up until this point I have been praying for me.  Praying for me to wrap my head and my heart around the changes.  Praying for me to start accepting this baby and the new addition to our family.   On Tuesday I realized that I needed to start praying for the baby.  I praised God for blessing our family and to grow and protect our little one. 

Can I tell you how much better I felt once I gave it up to Him?   "You have done this, You have trusted us and now I am putting my trust back in You."   Ahhhhh - what a relief!!!

I can have fear or I can have faith - and I know that one will always replace the other.   I don't want to live in fear, I want to have faith that God is doing what is right on his timing - so I am living by faith now!

God please bless this little one and keep him/her safe and growing strong!  Amen!


  1. praying for you and your sweet little one!!

  2. Have I told you lately I love you! You always have such a great perspective and give me something to think about! ----Genifer


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