Newborn Feet

Newborn Feet

Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm Hungry. A lot.

I am hungry.   Very hungry.   Every 2 hours....   I have to eat NOW!!!!
I have to eat every 2 hours, if I don't I turn into a crazy hungry lady.   Every two hours I need a 'hit of protein' so I can function.... unfortunately for me, the greasier the better, but I am proud to say I have stayed away from McD's so far.  I am sure french fries are in my near future though....   A few times I have been in the grocery store and had to go to the deli so I can get a chicken strip (or 2).   Really I was wanting gizzards but neither of the grocery stores around me had them.  Total bummer.
So, for now I am functioning.   A functioning food addict. I have eaten many elk burgers and numerous plates of spaghetti for breakfast.   Bananas are my friend for holding me over 'til I can heat something up.  I bought some protein powder so I could add some to fruit smoothies I want to make but my children helped me put the groceries away and now I have no idea where the bag of soy protein powder went.   Hmmmmm....

Ok, I just finished breakfast so I better go get ready for the day so I can come back and eat again - - -  It's a vicious circle.   


  1. Cheese and crackers have been my stand-by since my first pregnancy. Always satisfies that protein/carb craving, and it's quick and easy. Saltines has a Whole Wheat cracker now which I like, though it's not all whole wheat...

  2. Baby likes meat. Good to know...sounds like a boy. haha

  3. Love you and rejoiceing with you!!!


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