Newborn Feet

Newborn Feet

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Bump is Back

There is no denying that I look pregnant.   Since I still don't have an official 'you are this far along' date or anything I am still guesstimating.   At this point I am around 8.3 weeks pregnant.   However since this is my 6th baby I look like I am about 6 months along already.   Yeah, really.

 So as you can see - the one on the left was taken about 4 weeks ago and the one on the right was taken this morning.  Keep in mind that I am sucking in too.   :)  

You can also see that I got a little bit of a tan while I was on vacation too!   It was wonderful and I was distracted enough and had enough of a variety of wonderful foods that I haven't gotten sick for 5 days!!   Yippee!!!   So excited!

I have my second midwife appointment tomorrow at 11am and I have a follow up ultrasound appointment to check for dates on July 12th at 1pm.  After that we won't have anymore ultrasounds. 

I also wanted to post an update about S&P - before they leave to go back to France they will be flying to LA to meet with a couple from Colorado to possibly match with!  They have been enjoying their time in Oregon and even spent one of their days at Kah-Nee-Ta (where I just got back from) after I told them how what a warm and relaxing place it was.  I have been praying for a perfect match for them, so if you would like, please join me.   They deserve to have a child in their arms and if I can't do it, I want a 'perfect' match for them!!


  1. Aww, I think it's a cute little bump! :) Yay for S&P. So glad things seem to be going well for them!

    Also, good job on not getting sick. hehe :)

  2. You look great! Such an exciting time.

  3. 6 months :) nah...maybe 3 haha

    Glad you got some sun! and nice to hear S&P might have another opportunity so soon.

  4. You are beautiful, love the speed bump

  5. I did notice your tan, and I can't tell you're prego. You look great!

  6. I've prayed for all of you.
    P.S you look great!!


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