Newborn Feet

Newborn Feet

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Taking a Dip -

For the next 4 days this is all I plan on doing - just relaxing and enjoying the sunshine and the water..........

Ahhhhhhhh -
Reality is I probably won't be able to that much, but I will be sitting by a pool, I will be playing in a pool and I will be soaking up the sunshine (yes Mom, I packed LOTS of sunscreen!)  My family is heading to one of our 3 mini-vacations this year.   We are heading to Kah-Nee-Ta which has been a family vacation destination since I was little.  In the years since I started going they experience a major flood, subsequent remodel and have added a Casino and hotel down the road.   I still enjoy the village - nice and small and intimate.  

The 'baby' pool is 4-8" deep and the 'big' pool is 2 feet all the way up to 12 feet with 2 large water slides and 1 small one for the kids not tall enough for the big ones.  They allow floaty toys in the pool which is *great*!  Lounge chairs are provided as long as you arrive early and stake your claim to them.  Since we are staying in the village it normally isn't a problem to get there before the crowds (ie - day users) and make sure you get a couple seats.  Teepees are one way to enjoy your time staying here and we have done that a couple times - but now that we have a trailer we take that with us.  Tent camping is not allowed, but there are condominium style hotel rooms that you can rent also.  

This year we get the pleasure of have a couple other families join us which is always great for the kids, nice for the parents to have extra eyes and just all around FUN!   The food is purchased, the swimsuits are packed, the sunscreen has been stocked up and now we are just waiting for our kids to wake up so we can hit the road!!

....have you noticed I haven't said anything about being sick?   I am hoping that if I ignore it I will be able to enjoy this time away.   :)   Probably won't work, but after getting sick 3 times yesterday and having to rest between each little chore I did I want a little break from the yuckies.  I am hoping lots of good snacking food (tons of fresh fruit and veggies), the sunshine and the good company will keep me distracted. 

Oh yeah - and I'll be wearing my bikini whether I should or not!!!   Hee-Hee!

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  1. Good for you!! I hope you have a fabulous time that's totally narf-free!! :)


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