Newborn Feet

Newborn Feet

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Let's back up a bit -

I know that not everyone will agree with what I am doing for one reason or another, but I also know that there are many more people that will support my decision and encourage me.   Those are the ones that I will look to when I start thinking "why did I decide to do this again"?   :)

Deciding to do another surrogacy was not a decision we made quickly - it is something that *I* have thought a lot about and then once I decided I wanted to reconsider it again I brought my husband into the decision making process.

Do I want to be pregnant again
How will my children feel?
Do I want to go through all the hormone injections, patches & pills required for gestational surrogacy?
Do I want to have to deliver in a hospital after loving my homebirths (I am required to deliver at a level 2 NICU or better)?
What kind of IP's do I want to work with?   (IP - Intended parents)
Will I have the support I need to get everything done in my own family?
...... there were many, many more - but this is just a few of the ones that popped into my head just now.

When Sheridan was a year old I contacted the agency that I had previously worked with and inquired about *maybe* doing another one in the future and I was encouraged to reapply when I decided I was serious.    Fast forward another year with lots of prayers, and talks with my husband - I filled out the initial online application and was informed that they would hold my application for processing until I was done nursing.  I knew this when I applied (same thing happened when I had applied 10 years ago when I was nursing Tilor)  and informed the 'gate keeper' that I was just getting my name back in; that I was interested.

The first time I applied I was their youngest surrogate, and I was informed this time around by the owner that I now will hold the record for the longest period of time between surrogacies.   During my first surrogacy I also helped them "tweak" a few of their policies - such as No piercings or tattoos while you are working with them.  We learned this the hard way and got a 6 month delay.  Ooops.  Leave it to me.   :)  Always the trouble maker.      Anyway, I digress..........

There are many, many pages of applications now that I am wading through.   Nothing is hidden.   I have to share *everything* about our family, medical, physical, psychological, financial, criminal etc.   Life insurance and health insurance has been started, finding an approved OB and hospital that will work with me as a surrogate (Tillamook OB's flat our REFUSED to work with me the last time around...but whatever!). Criminal background checks have been signed off on.  We are an open book now.  I am finished the 18+ pages of medical questions at the same time I am telling the agency what 'family type' I am looking to work with.

Since I had such a truly wonderful experience last time I really don't want to compare this one and the last one, so I am looking at getting a different 'family type'.  My request will be to work with a husband and wife that have not had the blessing to have children yet - I hope to bring them that miracle finally!

So after this journey is done, will I do it again?   Nope.   Mark and I have finished our family and  the agency that I work with allows up to 6 births - since I have 5 'under my belt' already, this current one will be my LAST birth.  I know that going in and I will be okay with it.   When I am done I'll work on getting in shape and planning my trip to the Bahama's.  ;-)

So that is a bit of background.......... as my journey continues I'll share more.  More decisions that are being made, more preferences that are being shared and more of the ups and downs along this journey.


  1. Good for you! *tear* I'm really excited to share in this experience with you and look forward to hearing all about the journey ahead. :)

  2. Wow! 10 years! I hope you do a few flash back posts about your last 2 journeys (what you can remember anyway ;)


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