Newborn Feet

Newborn Feet

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Update is that the agency hasn't heard anything back from Germany.   Apparently they don't check email very often (which is how my profile was sent) and so the agency will try calling them to alert them to mail in their In Box.

More waiting.   I was advised to 'sit tight'. 

On a positive note, the Daddy from my 1st/2nd surro family called me today so he could tell me in person how awesome the thinks it is that God has given me the ability and strength to give the gift of life to another family.  He said he very seriously considered my offer to be THEIR surrogate again if they wanted one more.... and he was thinking about it.  Until they visited friends with a young baby and they decided that they really liked being past that stage.  I don't blame them!

He also asked for the potential IP's email so he could tell them they are NUTS if they don't choose to work with  me. 

Looks like the family will be home during the dates Mark and I might be down in LA for our screening so we'll get to visit.  He also said we could stay with them if we wanted to....unless we wanted to enjoy an evening alone in a hotel with out anyone else around.   ;-)
I love that family!

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  1. Okay, waiting sucks, but you have to love the first family! I know I do, because they treat me like family too. I'm on pins and needles waiting.


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